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Here at Cook Kerala we offer Cookery Trips to India for those interest in Indian Holidays, including Activity Holidays to India.

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About our Indian Holidays / Kerala Cookery Tours


We work to the principle that the best advice is born out of personal experience, which is why we explore our destinations time and again...

Our Kerala Cookery tours to India are Indian Holidays designed for the creative foodies and would be chefs.

Our Indian Holidays to Kerala or Cooking trips to Southern India don’t just come 'off the shelf'.  The Indian Cookery Tours that we offer here at Cookerala are tailor-made Indian Holidays that are organised and prepared right down to the finest detail, around your tastes and interests.

We can design our Kerala Cookery Tours bespoke to you and can work to your budget and your requirements in order that we can create the Indian Cookery Tour to Kerala that is perfect for you.

All of our Kerala Holidays and Cookery Tours are designed with an absolute commitment to quality.

We have genuine Kerala experts to call upon when designing the Asian Cooking Tours, and their expertise comes from having travelled many times to Kerala or from actually having lived there.

We show you all of the Kerala highlights in a different light, and introduce you to places and experiences that other travellers to India, might miss.

We visit places of interest, off the Beaton track as well as all the major tourist destinations from the Kerala region to ensure you have a cookery trip like no other.

We are the only Indian Holiday or Indian Cookery Tour Company that offers actual HANDS ON Kerala cooking classes with top Kerala Chefs.

You don't have to be an expert cook to enjoy our Kerala Cookery Tours, you just have to have an interest in cooking. Class sizes are approx 6/8 guests...

We cook with first class expert head chefs in each CGH Earth Hotels, which is also the hotel chain where we stay. The Chef will take the lead and will demonstrate each dish, then each of the guests are set to work in pairs to re create the Kerala dish they have been shown. The Kerala Cookery lessons are a lot of fun and very interactive, although we do find a competitive streak with some.

The ingredients are measured and provided for every Kerala Cooking lesson we have throughout the length of the Cookery Tour!

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We stay at the magnificent CHG Hotels & Resort.

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We have Kerala Cookery Lessons hosted by the CHG Hotels & Resort Head Chefs.

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We get to see the real Kerala with many trips that are off the beaten track.

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