About our Chefs

During the Cook Kerala Cookery Tours we stay in a number of fantastic CHG Hotels & Resorts whilst travelling throughout Kerala for our Kerala Cookery Tour...

During the Cookery Tour we have a number of Kerala Cookery Lessons and the majority of these Kerala Cookery Lessons are provided by the Head Chef's from the CHG Hotel's & Resorts that we stay in.

Some of our Kerala Head Chefs


Chef Mathai at Eighth Bastion
Chef Naveen at Coconut Lagoon
Chef Jerry at Spice Village
Cook Kerala Chef 1
Cook Kerala Chef 2
Cook Kerala Chef 3

Kerala Chefs Gallery

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Cookerala Tour Food & Ingredients
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If you would like to book our Kerala Cookery Tour and secure your Kerala Cookery Lessons with all of our fantastic Chefs, please see our Kerala Cookery Tour Page.